2 Signs You Need Your Tooth Pulled

From the moment you get your first teeth as a child, they will need to be maintained if you want to ensure that teeth remain healthy and strong throughout your life. Teeth shift their position constantly and may develop problems if they are not taken care of the right way. When tooth decay and other issues begin to plague the mouth, it may be time to get one of your teeth removed.


In general, dental patients know that in order to avoid emergency tooth extraction in Harrisonburg, you must brush and floss your teeth each day along with seeing your dentist for cleanings at least every six months. During these appointments, your dental professional will assess teeth and make suggestions to enhance your oral health. Some of the reasons you may need a tooth pulled include impaction, infections, and other forms of damage to the tooth.


Impaction occurs when teeth are not in the proper position and there is not enough space on the jawline to support all of the teeth in your mouth. When this happens, it can become uncomfortable and you may have trouble cleaning your teeth, which leads to the development of tooth decay and plaque.

emergency tooth extraction in Harrisonburg


If you have a tooth with decay that has not been treated, it can lead to an infection spreading throughout the mouth and the body. Infections are dangerous because they have the ability to affect other areas of the body or several teeth. Typically a root canal will be done when there i severe infection damage, but the tooth may also simply need to be pulled.

In either of these situations, your dentist will likely recommend pulling the affected tooth to save your other teeth from damage or decay that may develop without intervention.

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