3 Facts About Addiction & Substance Abuse

There are millions of people right now living with drug addiction and struggling to overcome the urge to abuse substances. Addiction is experienced throughout the world, but many people do not seek immediate care. Let’s look at why addiction is so difficult to beat.

It’s not a choice.

One of the misconceptions people have about addiction is that individuals choose to be addicted to substances. This is not true, as many individuals cannot overcome addiction with merely their willpower alone. Addiction becomes a disease over time; a medical condition that requires professional care and substance abuse treatment in jamaica plain, ma to successfully beat.

It changes the brain.

When you form a habit, the brain begins to change and normal circumstances are adjusted to accommodate the introduced substance. Neurotransmitters are stimulated by these substances, which prompts your brain to reduce the natural release of these neurotransmitters and it begins to rely on substances. When this change occurs, individuals will literally be fighting against their brain when it comes to substance abuse treatment.

Recovery is long term.

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Anyone who has ever had to overcome addiction or substance abuse knows that staying on the path to recovery isn’t an easy road. You will need to deal with battles throughout the rest of your life, as addiction causes major changes in the brain and the body. You will need to manage your recovery over the years by going to therapy, counseling, and making healthy choices in life. It’s also a good idea to work alongside others and build a recovery community.

Substance abuse is never an easy thing to overcome, so don’t expect to see changes overnight. You’re going to be fighting a hard battle, but you can overcome it by having professionals by your side along the way and understanding your addiction and the root cause of it.

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